How to clean your Bubblemac Air Diffuser

Work near a sink on a level surface.  Cover the counter surface with plastic wrap to protect it from spilled acid, especially for granite or stone counters.

1.  Lay out these items first:

  • A glass bowl that fits the air stones covered with water, (a large Pyrex measuring cup works well for smaller air stones) 

  • A long handle, non- metal stirrer (wooden spoon, chop stick, plastic ice tea spoon, etc)

  • Latex gloves (or similar)

  • Protective eye wear

2.  Put on the gloves and protective eye wear.

3.  Place your air stones in the glass bowl, or Pyrex cup.


Water to cover the air stones.

Then add:

Equal amount of Muriatic acid to the water.

4.  Stir very gently, to mix water and acid.  Remove stirrer.

5.  Allow to soak 15 to 30 minutes, or until clean.

6.  Run cold water into the sink, with stream over drain. (medium  rate, just not splashing).

7.  Pour off the diluted acid, from bowl or cup, directly into the drain and water stream.  While water is running, fill your bowl or cup, and continue to let the cold water to run a minute or two to further dilute the acid in the sink. Rinse sink thoroughly.

8.  Fill bowl/cup and rinse air stones.  Allow to sit a few minutes between rinsing.  Rinse again! and again!

9.  Pour off water and check them (sniff test) for acid residue (if they smell like a swimming pool, keep rinsing until you no longer smell the chlorine).

10. Let dry for a few hours before reusing. (Place in a sunny window works well).