• Makes a great "Stocking Stuffer" Bait bucket aerator Model #BT1112 .75" x .75" x 1.5" with 5/32" barb, Medium Pore Air Diffuser


    • Made In The U.S.A., This is NOT a cheap blue import that will likely "go-away" in a short time. {This IS NOT a Discard-A-Stone.}
    • 100% Glass Bonded Silica, Durable, Long Lasting, Low Maintenence, 2 Year Guarantee.
    • The "Industry Standard" For Fish Farms Worldwide For 35 Years. Creates A Uniform Fine Bubble.
    • Now Availabe In An Aquarium Application. Standard 5/32" barb, Air Line Connection. Compatible With Most Low Cost Air Pumps. Diffuser Measures 3/4" x 3/4" x 1 1/2".
    • Bubble Stones increase surface agitation, accelerate oxygen replenishment and help release harmful carbon dioxide buildup. "Ya'll Got Bubbles"? Self-Weighted and Non-Clogging. - SPECS: 100% Glass-Bonded Silica, Maximum Pore Size 140 Microns, Nominal Partical Retention 50 Microns, Flexural Strength 2500 PSI, Bubble Size 1-3 MM, UNLIMITED LIFETIME When Used in pH of 8.0 or Less!