• Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Hoses


    **The Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Hoses come in sizes 1 foot - 10 foot and 15 foot, simply select the size that fits your application.

    **It also comes with 1/4" or  3/8" OD barb sizes.                          

    **Bubblemac's self-weighted diffuser hose is made of a strong, woven fiber material that is designed to last for years.

    **An excellent choice for introducing air and oxygen into aquariums, hauling tanks,culture tanks, lakes and wherever long flexible diffuser is needed.

    **Operating range is 0.2-0.6 CFM per foot.

    **We also offer custom hoses for your application.

    **Bubblemac Aeration Products Provides the "Highest Quality Air Diffusers"Available on the Market Today !!!!!

                                                   Made in the USA !!!!!