Koi Pond Air Diffuser System Model #EADM0403

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Now is your chance to have a High-Quality: "Plug and Play"

air diffuser system that is reasonably priced. Thats right!

Bubblemac has paired one of our awesome diffuser manifolds

with clear PVC air line and a Blue Diamond air compressor to

create a highly effective yet economical means of adding

life sustaining oxygen to your pond eco-sytem.

Designed for ponds up to 8000 gallons: easy to install,

easy to maintain aeration system that is durable and

will provide years of service.

Aeration increases surface agitation and oxygen levels,

thereby eliminating "dead spots" and water stratification.

Bubblemac air stones are self-weighted and produce uniform bubbles,

and are also resistant to clogging.

(A mild acid bath restores the diffuser to like-new performance)

Included - Diffuser Manifold -- consists of four high-quality Bubblemac 100%

Glass-Bonded Silica medium pore air diffusers (1.5” x 1.5” x 3”)

assembled on a durable Schedule 40 PVC frame,

diffuser bumpers are included to elevate the diffusers.

Air Line – 20 feet of clear PVC tubing

Blue Diamond AC45 air compressor