• Fine Pore Air Diffuser Stone Model# 0061F {1.5" x 1.5" x 6"} with 1/4" OD Polyethylene Barb {Same as AS150}


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    100% Glass-Bonded Silica Air Diffuser Stones

    **Suggested CFM .50 or LPM 14.16 **Weight .75 lb.

    Maximum Pore Size 80 Microns

    Service life at PH Below 8.0 UNLIMITED

    Fine bubble aeration is an efficient technique of aeration in terms

    of oxygen transfer due to the large collective surface area

    of its bubbles and thus transfer more oxygen to the water per bubble.

    Additionally, smaller bubbles take more time to reach the

    surface so not only is the surface area maximized

    but so are the number of seconds each bubble spends in the water,

    allowing it more time to transfer oxygen to the water.

    Bubblemac air stones are self-weighted and produce uniform bubbles,

    and are also resistant to clogging.

    Our Diffuser Bumpers increase the efficiency of the air stone by

    providing 20% additional bubble area. (the underside of the diffuser)

    Bubblemac Aeration Products provides the

    "Highest Quality Air Diffusers Available on the Market Today"

    Made in the USA