• Lake Aeration Underlay Manifold Model #LAM-06


    The Bubblemac aeration / destratification design provides the lowest cost method of inducing circulation and adding oxygen by creating an upward plume of bubbles. This system will deliver the many benefits that result from sufficient bottom aeration and increased dissolved oxygen levels. Our manifold system features four original Bubblemac 100% Glass-Bonded Silica Air Diffusers {1.5" x 1.5" x 6" w/1/2" MNPT fitting}, coupled with a 1/8" PVC underlay and an American-Made Brady check valve, to prevent water back-flow when the system is not in use. All PVC components {3/4"} are schedule 40 and built to last.

    Bubblemac's synergistic diffuser manifold design has proven it's effectiveness in over 500,000 acres of lake worldwide over the past 35 years. See firsthand the benefits of aeration, via an "airlift" system! If you are unsure of what you need, a few simple questions answered will allow our Lake Dr. to assess and design a system especially for you and your application.

    Underlay Specs:   Underlay approx. dimensions 24" x 21", weight 13.5 pounds, air line connection 1/2" ID tubing.

    Air Diffuser Specs:  100% Glass-Bonded Silica, Maximum Pore Size 140 Microns, Nominal Particle Retention 50 Microns, Flexural Strength 2500 PSI, Bubble Size 1-3 MM, SERVICE LIFE UNLIMITED when used in pH of 8.0 or less.

    SELF-WEIGHTED Diffusers, Durable, Affordable and Easy To Maintain; This system will outperform the others

    "Hands-Down" Every time! Made in the USA