Model #1020FC "The Bubble-Bro" 1" x 1" x 2" with 5/32" OD barb, Fine Pore Air Diffuser

$7.99 $6.00

*This high-quality Bubblemac Fine Pore Air Diffuser is designed specifically for small aquariums and tank applications                      (less then 30 gallons)

The air diffuser measures 1" x 1" x 2" and comes with a center-mount 5/32" barbed air-line connector. This diffuser will do an awesome job of delivering life sustaining dissolved oxygen to your tanks eco-system.

*Compatible with most small, inexpensive aquarium air pumps and air-line setups. Just plug the air stone into your air-line and watch the bubbles. Your fish and plants will love their new oxygen enriched environment and will likely play in the bubbles-plume.

*The air diffuser will function as designed when supplied with 0.2 CFM ( 6 liters per minute) of air volume.

                                               *One year warranty***Made in the USA*