Model #AAS02 Aquarium Aeration Kit Featuring "The Bubble Bubba"

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  • This high-quality Bubblemac Aquarium Aeration System includes a 3.5 watt Danner Air Pump {two air outlets}; two 8 foot coils of clear air line tubing; and two "Bubble-Bubba" micro-bubble air diffusers.
  • No assembly necessary! Simply place the two air diffusers in the desired location within your tank, plug it in and "watch the bubbles"...... The "Bubble-Bubba" diffusers are constructed of 100% glass-bonded fine pore silica and have become commonly known as "Americas Favorite Aquarium Stone" with thousands sold globally.
  • This system is designed to provide adequate dissolved oxygen for aquariums from 20 gallons to 500 gallons. Great for fresh or salt water applications.