• Aeration Manifold for Koi Ponds/Aquaponics/Hydroponics/Deicer Model# ADM-0401

    $52.99 $39.99

    Perfect for Koi Ponds where you suspect a dissolved oxygen problem.

    Works excellent in Hydroponics Culture Tanks

    to raise the DO (dissolved oxygen) levels.

    This Bubblemac airlift system "BREAKS" stratification

    by introducing vertical currents, add oxygen, and eliminate

    "dead spots" to keep your fish active and healthy by reducing stress.

    Also helps prevent ice-over" in freezing temps.

    This design will provide oxygen for up to 50 pounds of fish and

    effectively circulate water in ponds, tanks of up to 4000 gallons.

    Airlift system comes complete with four Bubblemac Air Diffusers

    {1" x 1" x 3"}   and three air line connection barbs

    {3/16", 1/4", 3/8"}  Suggested CFM = 1.2

    Our aerator provides the Highest Oxygen Transfer Efficiency. 


    The air stones are self-weighted and produce uniform bubbles,

    and are also resistant to clogging

    We recommend  diffuser bumpers

    to  protect the air stone as well as your liner.

    Diffuser Bumpers increase air stone efficiency by providing

    20% additional bubble area {the underside of the stone}

    Bubblemac Aeration Products provides the

    "Highest Quality Air Diffusers Available on Market Today"

    Made in the USA