• Koi Pond/Hydroponics/Deicer Manifold Model #ADM-0403 Self Weighted

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                             Reminiscent of the original aeration

                         de-stratification systems

                          in use for the past 30 years.

                                  Bubblemac "reintroduces" an economical

                                 synergistic airlift manifold system.

                                 The manifold is sold complete with four

                              Bubblemac air stones {1.5" x 1.5" x 3"},

                                  these system have proven to be the

                               lowest cost method of increasing

                               circulation and adding oxygen.

                                 The manifold requires 1.4 CFM or 39.6 LPM

                                 to function as designed.

                                   Perfect for Koi Ponds where you suspect

                                a dissolved oxygen problem,

                                   also works excellent in Hydroponics

                               Deep Water Culture Tanks to raise DO levels.

                               Our manifold systems "BREAK" stratification

                                by introducing vertical currents, and provides

                             the highest Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

                            of any manifold currently available.

                        Proudly Made in the USA!