Model #LAM-0403 Lake/Pond Aerator


This Bubblemac Air Diffuser Manifold is designed for the most discerning of Koi Pond Enthusiasts. Model# ADM-1403 comes complete with four Bubblemac Medium Pore Air Diffusers {1.5" x 1.5" x 3"}; a durable underlay constructed of 1/8" PVC which will ensure the diffusers do not settle into the mud and prevent sediment erosion during operation; a Brady check-valve to prevent water from filling the air line when not in use; and a 1/2" barbed adapter {fits poly and weighted tubing}. Manifold is constructed of 3/4" Sch. 40 PVC.

DURABLE, AFFORDABLE and EASY TO MAINTAIN. Bubblemac 100% Glass-Bonded Air Diffusers are renowned worldwide for the past 30 years as the most efficient method of raising dissolved oxygen levels in lakes and streams. Your fish will be more active due to less stress, and your plants will flourish immediately.

Made in the USA, one-year warranty. Underlay dimensions 12" x 21". Suggested CFM=1.0-1.6,  SELF-WEIGHTED DESIGN. 

Diffuser Specs: 100% Glass-Bonded Silica, Maximum Pore Size 140 Microns, Nominal Particle Retention 50 Microns, Flexural Strength 2500 PSI, Bubble Size 1-3 MM, SERVICE LIFE UNLIMITED when used in pH of 8.0 or less.

Bubblemac Aeration Products Provides the

Highest Quality Air Diffusers Available on the Market Today !!!!!

Made in the USA