Air Diffuser System (For Ponds to 4 Surface Acres) Model #ADS1004

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Bubblemac Aeration System Designs are hand-tooled for the

Home Enthusiast and make even a Beginner look like Expert!

Our systems boast Bubblemac "Plug-N-Play" Technology

making aerator installation as easy as plugging in a lamp.

{Box-To-Pond In 15 Minutes}. Our aerators are also Simple To Maintain

with Easy Step-By-Step Instructions Included with every purchase.

From the moment this system is installed and running,

Critical Life-Sustaining Dissolved Oxygen Levels

within your pond will begin to increase.

As this aerator does it's job, the very building blocks

of a Healthy, Productive Eco-System will flourish.

"Dead-Spots" and stagnation within the pond will

be eliminated by the increased water circulation,

and your fish will be more active and healthy.

Algae blooms and the foul odors associated

with these events will be a thing of the past.

Noticeable improvements in water clarity and reduced muck

content are also typical results of Effective Aeration.