• Model# ADS20 - Complete Aeration System w/ Weighted Air Line by BubbleMac Aeration Products

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    • Professional Aeration Kit For Large Aquariums and Ponds 500-8000 Gallons {Up to 6' deep}
    • This High-Quality American Made Aeration System comes complete with a super-quiet and efficient Hiblow U.S.A. Linear Air Compressor; 25 feet of American Made weighted air line tubing; and one Bubblemac High-Performance Micro-Bubble Air Diffuser Manifold. {No assembly necessary}.
    • Pump Specs: HiBlow U.S.A. model# HP20 Linear Air Compressor; 3.6 psi - 32 LPM - 1.1 CFM - 17 Watts - 0.3 Amps; One Year Manufacturer Warranty {These pumps are easy to rebuild when necessary, with available parts and service guidelines}.
    • Air Line Specs: High-Quality American Made 3/8" Weighted Air Line Tubing
    • Air Diffuser Manifold Specs: Bubblemac Dual-Diffuser Manifold includes two 100% Glass-Bonded Silica Fine Pore, {micro-bubble}, Air Diffusers {1.5" x 1.5" x 6"}; Schedule 40 PVC Construction includes 2000 psi Check-Valve, 3/8" Poly Barbed Fitting and Four Diffuser Bumpers to protect the integrity of the diffusers and your pond liner. One Year Warranty.