• Air Diffuser System (For Ponds to 1.5 Surface Acres) Model #ADS60

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    Bubblemac Industries, Inc. has manufactured high-quality aeration

    products for the Commercial Aquaculture Industry since January, 2000.

    These “Standard Of The Industry” Products are now Available and

    Affordable Designed and Built with the Koi Pond / Water Gardens

    Enthusiast in mind. Our manifold silica air diffuser design in reminiscent

    of the early “Synergistic Diffuser Manifolds” developed in the 70’s by the

    Aquaculture Industry Pioneers; and still lauded today as the most Effective,

    Economical and Dependable means of increasing dissolved oxygen levels in

    lakes and ponds {Over 10,000 lakes globally have these products in use}.

    Bubblemac Aeration System Designs are hand-tooled for the Home Enthusiast

    and make even a Beginner look like an Expert! Our systems boast Bubblemac

    “Plug-N-Play Technology” making aerator installation as easy as plugging in a lamp.

    {Box-To-Pond In 15 Minutes}. Our aerators are also Simple To Maintain,

    with Easy Step-by-Step Instructions provided with each purchase.

    From the moment this system is installed and running, Critical Life-Sustaining

    Dissolved Oxygen Levels within your Pond will begin to Increase. As this aerator

    does it’s job, the very building blocks of a healthy, productive Eco-System will flourish.

    “Dead-Spots” and stagnation within the pond will be eliminated by the increased

    water circulation; and your fish will be more active and healthy. Algae blooms and

    the foul orders associated with these events will be a thing of the past.

    Noticeable improvements in water clarity and reduced muck content are also

    typical results of effective aeration.

    This system is very functional as a deicer-unit, helps prevent “ice-over” in

    freezing temperatures while improving water quality by increasing levels of

    dissolved oxygen throughout the winter months.

    Bubblemac is a family owned and operated business.

    Our products are proudly Made In The USA

    Just a phone call away, we are ready and available to assist when needed.

    Nothing To Assemble !  Simply deploy the aerator and plug in the compressor.

    Sit Back and Watch the Bubbles !!

                        Model #ADS60 system includes:

                       HiBlow HP60 linear air compressor

        • Quiet operation
        • Low power consumption, vibration, pulsation and starting current
        • Oil-less contamination free design
        • Long life
        • Automatic pressure limitation
        • Easy to service
        • Over pressurization protection
        • 3.6 cfm Max Air Flow, 100 Liters of Air Per Minute
        • 3.6 psi Max Continuous Operating Pressure, 120VAC, 60 Hz, 1.3 A, 51 Watts
        • 35 dBA @ 1 meter, Includes Rubber 90 and Alarm Connection Fitting
        • UL Rated for Outdoor Use,

    *50 feet of 3/8" ID Weighted Air Line

    Bubblemac Model LAM04 Aerator

    Rigid design-schedule 40 PVC (3/4')

     Four 1.5" x 1.5" x 6" 100% Glass-Bonded Silica Medium Pore Air Diffuser

     One Brady Check Valve