• Model #BW20 Aeration Kit for Aquariums "Wall of Bubbles"

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    • Professional Aeration Kit For Aquariums 20-200 Gallons
    • This High-Quality American Made Aquarium Aeration System comes complete with a super-quiet and efficient HiBlow U.S.A. Linear Air Compressor, 15 feet of clear PVC air line tubing, and one Bubblemac Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Hose {No Assembly Necessary}.
    • Pump Specs: HiBlow U.S.A. model# HP20 Linear Air Compressor; 3.6 psi -32 liters per minute - 1.1 CFM - 17 Watts - 0.3 Amps; One Year Manufacturer Warranty; {Easy to rebuild when necessary with available parts and service instruction}.
    • Air Line Specs: High-Quality American Made 1/4" Clear PVC Air Line Tubing
    • Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Hose Specs: This One Foot Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Hose Measures 1.25" x 15" Overall with a 1/4" Nylon Barbed Connector. Constructed of a durable woven fabric, this flexible diffuser will produce a wall of unique "crisp" tiny bubbles in your aquarium. Self-Weighted Design, One Year Warranty, Made In The U.S.A.
    • This Bubblemac Aeration Product Is UNLIKE Anything Else Available On The Market Today! Highly efficient and super-quiet, this aeration system will provide years of dependable service with minimal maintenance. Effective Aeration Is Key To "Predictable" Performance From Your Aquarium. Healthy Aquarium Eco-Systems Have The Proper Balance Of Oxygen And Nutrients To Sustain Plants, Fish and Beneficial Bacteria. Bubblemac Industries, Inc. has manufactured some 3.5 million air diffusers for the aquaculture industry since 2000, with global distribution. Now you can purchase these high-quality aeration products for use in your home and back-yard aquatics projects.