Compost Tea Aerator System Model #CTAS6

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*This high-quality Bubblemac aeration system is designed specifically for Compost Tea Applications.

*Comes complete with a Blue Diamond AC-45 air compressor, 30 feet of air line tubing, a six way air manifold and six high quality Bubblemac (1" x 1" x 2")medium pore air diffusers.

*This system provides the diversity to effectively aerate six separate 5-gallon (or equivalent buckets) The medium pore air diffusers provide a highly-efficient transfer of oxygen within the Compost Tea Solution.

*The high volume of aeration provided by the air stones, creates a thorough homogeneity throughout the tank, thereby eliminating the need for external mechanical mixing of the Compost Tea Solution.

*Built to last, easy to maintain, reliable and highly effective.