• Model #HSAL-02 Hydroponic / Aquaponic Micro-Bubble Manifold

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    This High-Quality Bubblemac Micro-Bubble Diffuser Manifold

     is specifically designed for up to 50 gallon Hydroponic Systems.

     Unit comes complete with two Bubblemac 100% Glass-Bonded Silica

    Air Diffusers {1" x 1" x 3"}

     And three common size air line connection barbed fittings for your convenience, {3/16", 1/4", 3/8"}.

    Compatible with most low cost air pumps {Recommended CFM = 0.6-1.4}

    Bubblemac Hydroponic Air Lift Systems are UNLIKE the plastic import mesh diffusers now available on the market.

    Our Ultra Fine Pore air diffusers are Durable, Low Maintenance and Affordable.

     Bubblemac Micro-Bubblers produce a "flurry" of tiny bubbles {0.5-2.0 MM}.

    Smaller bubbles provide more surface area, creating the

    "Highest Oxygen Transfer Rate" of any air diffuser system currently available.

    Made in the USA !!!

     Maximum Pore Size 80 Microns, Nominal Particle Retention 25 Microns,

    Flexural Strength 3500 PSI, UNLIMITED LIFETIME when used in pH of 8.0 or less.

    "Simply Put"  this Hydroponic Aeration System

    Will Outperform The Others Hands-Down Every time!

    Perfect For Culture Tanks Where You Suspect a Problem With Dissolved Oxygen.