• Model #HSAL-16 "Hydroponics Hooligan" - Micro-Bubbler Manifold

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    This Bubblemac Micro-Bubbler Twin is Awesome. Designed specifically for Hydroponics / Aquaponics Applications, our manifold system consistently produces a cloud of ultra-fine bubbles {0.5-2.0 MM}. Perfect for any tank where you suspect an issue with dissolved oxygen. Smaller bubbles provide more surface area, creating a More Efficient Oxygen Transfer Rate.

    Twin Micro-Bubbler Manifold System consists of two Bubblemac 100% Glass-Bonded Silica Fine Pore Air Diffusers {1.5" x 1.5" x 6"} and an assortment of barbed air line connection fittings {3/16", 1/4", 3/8"},  Assembly / Care and Maintenance Guidelines. 

    Made in the USA, One-Year Warranty. Compatible with most low cost air pumps. {Suggested CFM = 1.0-2.5}

    This manifold system will outperform the competition Hands-Down Every time! Simply Put, "The Highest Quality Air Diffuser System On The Market Today! DURABLE, AFFORDABLE, and EASY TO MAINTAIN.

     100% Glass-Bonded Fine Pore Silica, Maximum Pore Size 80 Microns, Nominal Particle Retention 25 Microns, Flexural Strength 3500 PSI, UNLIMITED LIFETIME in pH of 8.0 or less.