• Air Stone Model# RD6X6 Matala / Outdoor Water Solutions Diffuser Base "REPLACEMENT AIR DIFFUSER STONE


    • This High-Quality Medium Pore Air Diffuser is designed to "Replace" the Rubber Membrane Diffuser that comes stock with the Matala, Hacco and Outdoor Water Solutions Diffuser Bases. If You Are Tired Of Replacing The Diffuser Disk on these models Year-After-Year, Then Try "The Highest-Quality Air Diffuser Replacement On The Market Today!" {Suggested CFM = 2.8 or 80 lpm}
    • Bubblemacs' Replacement Air Diffuser Boasts A Full 108 Square Inches Of High-Quality Bubble Surface {Top, Bottom and Sides}. Diffuser Measures 6" x 6" x 1.5" and comes with a 3/4" MPT Fitting That Threads Directly Into The Competetors Base. This Silica Air Diffuser Will Outperform The Rubber Membrane Diffuser "Hands Down". DURABLE, LOW MAINTENANCE and LASTS FOREVER!
    • This Model Of Air Diffuser Is Self-Weighted And Provides A Consistant Medium Bubble {1-3 MM}. Made In The USA and Complete With A Two-Year Warranty. NO QUESTIONS ASKED RETURN POLICY If You Do Not Agree That This Diffuser Is Far Superior To The Import Rubber Membrane Diffuser Disks.
    • 100% Glass-Bonded Silica Air Diffusers Are Considered "The Standard Of The Industry". In Use Worldwide In Lakes, Fish Hatcheries and Labs For The Past 30+ Years, These Air Diffusers Are "Simply Put, The Highest Quality Air Diffusers On The Market Today!" EFFECTIVE, ECONOMICAL and EASY TO MAINTAIN!
    • The Pictures Display The Matala Single Air Diffuser Base With The "Bubblemac Replacement Air Diffuser", Their Base With Their Rubber Membrane Diffuser and Their Base With Our Double Diffuser Adapter. This Appliance Is Also Available From Bubblemac Aeration Products. SPECS: Maximum Pore Size 140 Microns, Nominal Partical Retention 50 Microns, Flexural Strength 2500 PSI, Bubble Size 1-3 MM, SERVICE LIFE UNLIMITED When Used In pH of 8.0 or Less!!! This Air-Stone Should Not Need To Be Cleaned For At Least One Year. When Cleaning Is Necessary, Simply Bath In A Diluted Solution Of Muriatic Acid {mild swimming pool acid}, Rinse and This Will Restore The Diffuser To "Like New Condition"!!