• Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Ring "The Mac Daddy" Model# RNG-5 Designed to fit in a 55 Gallon drum

    $115.00 $105.00

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          Click on the link above to see the plume of bubbles from "The Mac Daddy"
          One of our customers shared this video of his pond.

    Bubblemac Industries, Inc. has been the sole manufacturer of

    Bubblemac Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Hoses since 1995.

    THIS NEW DESIGN, 20" diameter ring with 

    3/8" brass hose barb is great for culture tanks.

    SELF-WEIGHTED and highly effective in introducing air and oxygen.

    Aeration increases surface agitation and oxygen levels,

    thereby eliminating "dead spots" and water stratification.

    Constructed of a strong, woven fiber material that will last for years,

    these hoses have been time tested again and again.

    Stainless Steel bands and Brass Connector

    help to ensure a long life regardless of pH variations.

    This medium bubble diffuser {1-3 MM Bubbles}

    has a recommended CFM of 1.0-3.0 and

    has about 20" H20 resistance to air flow,

    making it marginally compatible with regenerative blowers.

    Proudly Made In The USA