• Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Ring "The Mac Daddy" Model #RNG-5 Designed to fit in a 55 Gallon drum

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    Bubblemac Industries, Inc. has been the sole manufacturer of

    Bubblemac Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Hoses since 1995.

    THIS NEW DESIGN, in a 20" diameter ring with 

    3/8" brass hose barb is great for culture tanks.

    SELF-WEIGHTED and highly effective in introducing air and oxygen.

    Aeration increases surface agitation and oxygen levels,

    thereby eliminating "dead spots" and water stratification.

    Constructed of a strong, woven fiber material that will last for years,

    these hoses have been time tested again and again.

    Stainless Steel bands and Brass Connector

    help to ensure a long life regardless of pH variations.

    This medium bubble diffuser {1-3 MM Bubbles}

    has a recommended CFM of 1.0-3.0 and

    has about 20" H20 resistance to air flow,

    making it marginally compatible with regenerative blowers.

    Proudly Made In The USA