• Model #RNG-5 Hydroponics "MAC-DADDY" Air Diffuser Hose

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    Bubblemac Industries, Inc. has been the sole manufacturer of Bubblemac Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Hoses since 1995. THIS NEW DESIGN, in a 20" diameter ring with a 3/8" brass hose barb is great for culture tanks. SELF-WEIGHTED and highly effective in introducing air and oxygen,

    Constructed of a strong, woven fiber material that will last for years, these hoses have been time tested again and again. Stainless Steel bands and Brass Connector help to ensure a long life regardless of pH variations. This medium bubble diffuser {1-3 MM Bubbles} has a recommended CFM of 1.0-3.0 and has about 20" H20 resistance to air flow, making it marginally compatible with regenerative blowers.

    Proudly Made In The USA, One-Year Warranty. "This Ain't Your Daddy's Diffuser Hose."


    t of 5 starsMAC DADDY has solved my problems with aeration out at my pond.

    on September 8, 2016
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    This type of Air Diffuser has solved my problems with aeration out at my pond. For years, i have been using various types of aeration diffusers made of mostly airstone material, and getting tired of replacing them as they clog up. I saw this type of Diffuser years ago, but did not believe they would work for me. This year i tried one out and ran it all summer long in the pond. It did beautifully well, with little to no change in the output. Wow. that impressed me a lot. I have not even pulled it out to clean it since it has not needed that during the whole season. Thats amazing in my book. I just ordered and received my second one of these and I'm thrilled with my new setup now. I still use aeration stones, but only in pocket areas where the air seems to get trapped in my pond. These MacDaddy diffusers are the real deal. Wish i had known that they were really this good years ago, but i didn't. Now i do, and it has changed everything since i no longer need to have such high maintenance on my aeration system. I use these for synergistic airlift to bring air up from the bottom of the pond and circulate it so as to remove toxins and waste from the water and keep it nice. :-)