• Oxygen Infusion Device Model #OID Two Foot Bio-Weave Hose Model #OID

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    An excellent choice for efficiently diffusing expensive compressed gases.

    This fine-bubble Pure Oxygen Diffuser is 25 1/2" long and 2 1/4" OD.

    Comes complete with Stainless Steel Rod and All Stainless Hardware. (3/8" barb)

    Rigid and Weighted (4 pounds), this diffuser is basically

    "Bullet-Proof" and will provide years of dependable service.

    Nothing to Break Nothing to Return and Wait to Have Repaired !

    Just efficient, economical and dependable compressed gas

    diffusion is what you can expect from this high-quality product !

    Bubblemac Aeration Products provide the

    "Highest Quality Diffusers on the Market Today"

    Made in the USA