• "Ring-Of-Bubbles" Complete High-Performance Air Diffuser System

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    • Professional "Micro-Bubble" Aeration Kit For Aquaponics / Hydroponics / Pond Applications - Up To 10 Feet Deep-
    • This High-Quality American Made Aeration System comes complete with a super-quiet and efficient HiBlow U.S.A. Linear Air Compressor, 25 feet of American Made weighted air line tubing, and one Bubblemac High-Performance Air Diffuser Ring. {No Assembly Necessary}. The Bubblemac Bio-Weave Diffuser Ring weighs 5 pounds and is therefore SELF-WEIGHTED. It will stay put!
    • Pump Specs: HiBlow U.S.A. model# HP40 Linear Air Compressor; 5.5 PSI - 80 liters per minute - 2.8 CFM - 38 Watts - 0.8 Amps - One Year Manufacturer Warranty. {These compressors are easy to rebuild when necessary, with available parts and service instruction}.
    • Air Line Specs: 25 Feet of High-Quality American Made 3/8" Weighted Air Line Tubing
    • Bubblemac Bio-Weave Air Diffuser Hose Ring, "Mac-Daddy". High-quality durable, woven material creates a uniform tiny "crisp" bubble - 0.5mm - {Outside diameter of the ring is 21 inches so it fits in a 55 gallon drum}.
    • One Year Warranty.