Bubblemac is a corporate member of the World Aquaculture Society

We Offer a large assortment of High Quality Aeration Products
These are "FOREVER STONES" they do not dissolve and go away....
If you have tried all the rest, Now its time to try the BEST !!!
Our Air Diffuser Stones have been on the market for 38 years and have been used by commercial fish farmers around the world. With the new interest in Aquaponics our products are now being utilized in this application as well.
We also offer a large selection of Ozone/Oxygen diffusers.
 Feel free to contact us with any questions and we will make ourselves available to assist you with your aeration needs. Whether it is a product we currently have or a special design for your application.
sales@bubblemac.com or call 352-396-8043.