Cathie and Rudy Mach began machining plates of 100% Glass-Bonded silica and Manufacturing air diffusers in their Central Florida machine shop on January 1, 2000.
Over the past 16 years, the Mach family owned machine shop has produced and trademarked some 3.5 million "Sweetwater" air diffusers exclusively for our "former" largest distributor, Aquatic Eco-Systems {Now Pentair AES}.
In addition to our well known air diffuser line, the Bubblemac machine shop has also produced high quality air diffuser hoses (commonly known as Bio-Weave)
As our knowledge of the aquatics industry has increased and our shop technology has expanded, new opportunity's have come our way. We now carry a large variety of Aquatic supplies and welcome custom orders, design and Trademark Agreements.
Our aeration products are 100% American Made....Same Design, Same Machine Shop, Same People, Same Guaranteed Products...  SAME BUBBLES !!
If you have any questions please call 352-396-8043